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3x3 - From Sofia to Lausanne - October | Life

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Starting this Fall, we are launching a new blog section. Its purpose is very personal and practical - we want to motivate ourselves to do more new things in the cities where we live and get to know them better. With winter coming and Covid19 situation, we would like to avoid being locked down at home and just working, so our aim is to attend more events, to discover new places and new people in our cities and around. And here we will share the most interesting 3 for the month. After September, here are the most interesting 3x3 from October:


1. Day trip to Pancherevo lake

One Sunday in early October we decided to spend the afternoon on Lake Pancharevo. Spontaneously organized, it became a trip with a large group of friends and 6, 7 children. The weather was more than beautiful, colorful autumn and warm. Our goal was a boat trip, and the starting point was a restaurant, whose name I will not mention, because in no way do I recommend. However, the view was beautiful, the air clean, the children happy. And the man who rented the boats gave us an option to gather all the children and a few adults - a big boat that he driving. It was a wonderful day trip. It is always exciting to be by the water, and on a boat among the autumn yellowed hills it is so relaxing. 

2. Wine course 

On 24.10 Vino Orenda Wine Shop organized a wine course on "Do we know the Bulgarian red varieties". The events at Vino Orenda are always valuable, because in addition to drinking good wine, you can meet interesting people and learn a lot about wine in general and Bulgarian wines in particular. The theme this time was typical Bulgarian red varieties and we tried 8 wines from ruby, Ruen, Pamid, Evmolpia, Melnik 55, Wide Melnik and Mavrud. Although I am deep in the subject of wine and have attended many wine events, there is always something to learn here, and I am always trying something new. The discovery of the day for me was Ruen by Augeo Winery and I confirmed my great impressions of Vinica Mavrud by Zagrey Winery. 

3. Zero Waste Birthday in Blagichka

This year my little Mathey turned 6. Every year we try to add more value to a simple party and a cake, to create an experience for both him and his guests. Luckily, the only Zero Waste restaurant in Sofia is located in our neighborhood and we decided that this would be the theme of this year celebration. Apart from being our hostess, Blazhka told us more about the principles of living with zero waste, took us to the composter and organized a fun quiz with questions on the topic. Finally, the children painted an old T-shirt to see what reuse meant. The visit definitely reminded me of how many things I can improve in my daily life so that I produce less waste and leave less imprint on nature. 


1. Discovering Verbie

This October was dedicated to hiking. First and foremost because hiking is in Switzerland DNA and secondly, the new wave of C19 in Europe has once again closed many doors and opened space for new passions. In just one month I did 3 hikes near the Alpine resort of Verbier, two of which on two consecutive days to discover that the mountain is so different every season, every day and even every hour - on Saturday near Verbier was golden Autumn, and on Sunday you can feel the Winter and the snow creaked under his shoes. 

2. Hiking Solo 

Before moving to Switzerland, the idea of hiking alone sound to me totally crazy. However, here hiking is such a big part of life and doing it alone looks so natural and easy that changed my mind and decided to try it. As someone who never does it, I spent quite a time on preparation and here are my 5 takeaways and advices if you also consider trying it: 1. Buy comfortable hiking shoes; 2. Start small, and go for shorter hike; 3. Pick a popular trail; 4. Understand the trail conditions first; and 5. Charge your battery:) 

You may find more details about my first solo hiking here. It was energizing experience and it will be not the last one. I found it very empowering, incredibly peaceful, and one of the best ways to get closer to myself. Hiking alone, you can push out all the noise and clutter and just be one with nature. 

3. Autumn Day in Lavaux

Lavaux is my happy place in Switzerland. Just in few minutes from the city, all along the trail from Lausanne to Montreux, you can enjoy the unique beauty of the vineyards going from one village to another. This vineyard is well known for its beautiful scenery, whatever the season. But Autumn! During Autumn, the terraces explode in all nuances of gold and walking around is such a pleasure. This October I explored the circular route from the small medieval town on the lake St. Saphorin, to Rivaz, Epesses and Chexbres on the high part of the area. 

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